Thursday, 2 August 2012

Friday, 27 July 2012

the sun within

 After saying goodbye to our steam train house we tumbled into weeks of simultaneous winter flu land.
We all came close, but thankfully didn't end up in hospital.
I spent nights experiencing all shades of fear as I lay there listening to all four of us coughing and struggling with this terrifying Flu that almost everyone we knew around here got at some point.
It gave me a deeper appreciation for Hibernation and Migration. These are two things we shall consider and surrender to next winter.

I grew up near the beaches and coves of Sydney, and for me Winter meant the Ocean turning all kinds of violets and indigo with wild waves. We still swam, just armed with a thermos of something warm and a cozy cardigan to put on after.

But I've not yet learnt the Art of the Victorian Winter....this coldness,the darkness (and that eerie beauty).

I was in the health food shop the other day when a bunch of people were complaining about how dark it had been for weeks(as you do).
A woman said "the only thing to do is find the Sun within".

I loved hearing that.

Finally, we are all well and that feels truly amazing! 
I have been spending time finding that "Sun Within" making it tangible/visible through Art,Music (oh Gosh I bought a new Cello and a lyre...but more about that later).
Around town there are tiny signs of Spring in wattle blossoms just about to burst and one or two bee's dancing hopefully around our pear tree.
I am lusting after this spring more than any other in my whole life.

Photo's - Last days in our Steam Train House

Saturday, 16 June 2012

olive harvest

We are in the middle of moving to our teeny tiny cottage (aaarghhh!) so post's will be scarce while we find our feet (and heads) again. On Monday we did this beautiful Olive Harvest with a local group called "Growing Abundance". It's a profound concept of harvesting produce that is in excess or the owners need help with harvesting ...such as the elderly. Which set's up all sorts of beautiful connections and strengthening of community. 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

pom pom bomb

I took these photo's in our main street not realising my lense was a little stuck in the cold....
not sure who is doing the bombing, but thank you!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

hot chocolate...

Hot chocolate 
hide & seek
and story telling by Pearl
in the forest 
on an icy day

Friday, 1 June 2012

the bright flower's of winter

We have been watching the last remaining flowers fall of our tree's and plants
and are now surrounded by the twists of dark bare branches

We went wandering to one of our favourite places to explore which we call "The Worksite"
It's the council's unfenced area for dumping/storing sand, dirt, timber and big slabs of concrete
which is being taken over by grass and reeds

On our way through the land made desolate by the Gold Mining era we found some lovely bright flowers 
(Umm they were weeds...)
but they were lovely

Pearl did some propagating/planting with the seeds 
to ensure more colour on our next walk


Monday, 28 May 2012

on the weekend.....

We held a birthday party for Dave's Mama and a surprise party for a friend (who ended up coming through the back door and surprising us!) and then on Sunday just a jump over the steam train track and under the bridge to the "Little Weirdo's Picnic" at lot 19, the Art studio/gallery space/cafe etc love child of (furniture maker )Mark Anstey.
We loved it all from the antique wind-up gramaphone DJ to the "Itchy Scabs" punk rock for 10 year olds with songs about Dinosaurs and how you think that maybe your Baby Brother is from Outer Space.
It was all by donation and so many people put so much love in to create such goodness on an otherwise freezing Sunday.
Even through a haze of Flu delerium I still had lot's of fun, but by Sunday afternoon i admitted I was done and retreated to bed.

A slightly mystical birthday wish
Sunday morn lego session

the beautiful exhibition space at lot 19 

blurry butterfly tiger Pearl